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Our Services have a great variety of work in this field of Custom Tailoring/Alterations:

All Services are for 2 days Turnaround - special wedding dresses and big orders may take more days even up to a week.

WE offer same day service for 10%-25% extra fees ;Small rush jobs are welcomed with the expected rush fees, for the Price of a specific job Item Please Call in between business hours also you can email us for any question you may have:

Hemming -Shorten (see section a.)

Resize - jackets, suits, sport coats, dresses, gowns, uniforms, pants, skirts, shorts, shirts etc ;this segment of work is vast and we take care of each job one at the time with reliable outcome, call us for your specific request.

Waist - taken in and let out (see section b.)

Tapered pants, make them skinny or wider; including sleeves tapered

Raise the back for any type of jackets

Shorten sleeves for any type of Jackets, tops, shirts T-shirts and blouses/netting shorten all jackets, coats from the bottom.

Crouch take in and let out(see section c.)

Replace zippers of all types: invisible, open zippers, side by side zippers ,coil zippers etc..

Repair zippers on purses, bags and its linings, shoes, suitcases and raincoats, wetsuits, ski and snowboarding outfits ,leather and fur.

Snaps on jackets belts purses

Make holes in the belts leather and for eyelets

Custom build pockets, men service protective gears, armed vests, military uniforms, nametags insignia on hats, caps and chevron, stripes and custom button holes for Army Uniforms(see section d.)

Straps shorten and Custom Made straps for bridesmaids, beats, sequences special straps for prom dresses

Adjust braces for knee, elbows and surgery supports,

Custom Made curtains, pillow cases ,Valences, shower curtain shorten add on weights inside corners or shorten/resize all of them.

Leather and Fur specialist alteration and repairs.


a. Hemming in alteration is one of the most needed nowadays;we at Custom Fit specialized in Shorten jeans with regular and Original Hem ,plain( blind stitch )for any dress pants, casual topstitch,for scrubs double stitch ,casual pant,cuffs for men and women about 4types of cuff is your option, open split its possibile as desired

  • hemming wedding gowns is very well needed in South of California where marriage is the first cell of society;many types of shortening gowns are possible at Custom Fit Alteration ,contact us for your specific Custom needs
  • prom Dresses, Bridesmaides, Mother of the bride ,summer dresses,Uniform/business dresses, casual dresses homecoming dresses,and many other types of dresses we could hem for you
  • shortening /hemming Mens suits,Jackets ,coats Sport coats , Leather coats and even Fur coats, Casual Jackets etc..

b. Altering the waist is very often needed because of the work out ,loosing weight is a trend now.We can do alter all kinds and type of Pants,Skirts , rompers and J-suits to fit your waist and seat in the same time

c. Working on the Crouch area means the tights above the knee will be more fitted as the Customer pleases;of course sometimes the pants need to let them out on that area.

d. Working with the local police, military men,army and navy its our commitment to serve them in all that they require according to the standard uniform regulations in the best time turnaround combined with the quality service that they deserve,And special Discount for VA and injured in the line of duty personnel.

~Any service we provide is carefully done on time , high quality, reasonable
prices and with a heart of sacrifice
for our fellow customers just as if we do it for our family!

Serving Corona, CA And Surrounding Areas

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